Holly Mandelkern is an author with a special interest in Holocaust studies. Beneath White Stars: Holocaust Profiles in Poetry, available more.


"It would have been enough (dayenu!) had Holly Mandelkern’s brilliant book contained only her lovely and soul-searing poetry of the Holocaust. But her profoundly moving poems are reinforced and galvanized with careful contextual background and mini-biographies of the heroes and martyrs who are the heartrending center of her work. Add to all this her invaluable maps and Byron Marshall’s haunting illustrations, and Beneath White Stars becomes not just the cliched 'embarrassment of riches' but rather a cornucopia of lyricism, compassion, and enlightenment, bestowing upon the reader an utterly original perspective on this most terrible of historical events." - Dr. Elliot Engel, Professor of English at North Carolina State more.