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Al Rocheleau

“In a spectrum of soundings, forms, and styles, both fixed and free, we are restored the voices of man, woman, and child, multiplied by millions... In arresting tribute to the lost and to the survivors, Holly Mandelkern’s scholarship and her mastery of verse elevate for her readers and for students of the Holocaust, the hardest, and often most poignant, lessons of life, death, and life again.” — Al Rocheleau, author of On Writing Poetry

Henry Birnbrey

“Having spoken to numerous audiences about the horrors of the Holocaust, I was uplifted by Beneath White Stars as it reminds us of the human side of those who suffered. Through this poetry we are able to sense the life and indomitable spirit of the persecuted.” - Henry Birnbrey, Survivor and Holocaust educator, Breman Museum, Atlanta, GA

Reverend Mark Forrester

“Beneath White Stars is a marvelous, imaginative, and hallowed remembering of the Shoah that illustrates the poet’s gift for evoking the unutterable within the rhythms of loss, deprivation, and the reclamation of human dignity. This poetry, enriched by historic narratives and poignant illustrations, echoes themes of Vanderbilt University’s Holocaust lecture series, the longest-running lectureship of its kind in American higher education.” - Reverend Mark Forrester, University Chaplain and Director of Religious Life at Vanderbilt University